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Players' Corner: Joshua Harris

At Empowered Players, we're dedicated to ensuring students have the opportunity to express themselves, whether through theater, dance, art, or even writing! As part of our program, we're debuting the new Players' Corner blog posts! In the Player's Corner, students will share a bit about their background and interests, as well as their thoughts on Empowered Players.

Our first writer for Players' Corner is Joshua Harris!

My name is Josh. I've been involved in theater for about eight years. What I like most about Empowered Players is how much we learn about the distinctive aspects of theater with only such a short period of time.

The most recent lesson I learned with the Empowered Players Troupe was dance. We learned basic dance terminology and learned a short dance. In addition to that, we played improv games and learned to push ourselves and try new things, even if we didn't think we could do them.

Overall this year, I am most looking forward to learning how to write and stage a play.

What I enjoy most about theater is how everyone focuses on completing a project together, as we are always focused on the same goal; the show itself.

The topic I feel we will learn most is how to work with others. My favorite piece of theater is probably Hamilton: An American Musical.

I would definitely recommend joining Empowered Players.

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