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Players' Corner: Lizzie Tokarz

Today's Players' Corner blog is brought to you by Lizzie Tokarz! Lizzie recently joined our Empowered Players Troupe, and we are so glad to have her with us.

So today at Empowered Players we learned about the key compenents to a production. They are, stage, lighting, sound, set, and costumes. It was fun taking a Musical that I knew and designing a new layout for it.

The thing I like most about EP is the friendliness and the support, it feels like a close knit group where everyone wants to see you become something greater. I find that a good trait in things like this because it helps people be more comfortable in the space they're working in.

I myself am looking forward to the showcase. I'm excited for this, because myself and the people in this group and myself, are all capable of many amazing things, and I'm excited to see what comes out of this experience.

-Lizzie Tokarz

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